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In 1987 the first vintage shop named "Berlin" opened in Athens and for 22 years thrived in a highly competitive market. When vintage was called "old", Rianna styled celebrities, fashion photoshoots, commercials and magazines with unique vintage Haute couture apparel, bags and accessories. Rianna was the face of high quality and rare vintage pieces in Greece.

Rianna brought Berlin into Athens in 1987 and since 2009, Rianna moved back in Berlin and brought with her all the experience, influences, visions and dreams into its capital. In 2012 Rianna + Nina a dynamic duo launched the brand with big success achieving on selling at 40 shops and to be among the biggest online retailers worldwide. Shop online Rianna+Nina  www.riannaandnina.com 

With 40 years of experience in vintage she created a worldwide team hunting top vintage pieces, in supreme condition and at the best price for our clients. Since 2009, we operated as a hidden gem for vintage haute couture clothing in Berlin for stable clients. Now we've decided to open our vintage collection worldwide and we dedicate ourselves on delivering quality museum pieces, limited vintage collections and upcycle fashion legacy for generations to come - Like new, for you.

Join us at our shop Große Hamburger Str. 25 Mitte 10115, Berlin (Monday -Saturday 12.00 - 19.00) or continue shopping online and enjoy our unique collection with free worldwide shipping.

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